What do birthday boy firefighters need? Cupcakes!

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3 year old firefighter in need of cupcakes for birthday treats. Couldn’t have pulled this off without the ridiculously simple firefighter hat candy molds. The trick to filling the candy molds (as I found out) was making sure all the bubbles get out. That’s right, ALL of them. A toothpick worked really well. It’s been insanely hot here so I stored them in the fridge for a few days. And failed to read the small print on the candy melt bags– they also have flavoring that you can add to the melted candy. In case you’re not in the mood for the slightly chocolate/ basically plastic taste. Cherry woulda killed. And I got one of those mega sprinkle shakers with all the colors in their own little compartments, and it’s now completely out of red, orange and yellow. I guess it’ll be blue and green for Halloween this year!


Firefighter cupcakes


Firefighter marshmellow treats


For his friends at school who couldn’t eat dairy or chocolate. These marshmallows are nothin’ but sugar. Just dipped into more fire scheme sprinkles (the glittery ones this time) and oh no! The marshmallows are on fire!!

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