Vintage turquoise fridge needs home!


Years and years ago, we picked up this turquoise and pink beauty from a local vintage shop. It had been running like a top for weeks. We bought it, didn’t pay very much, and moved into our new house. The fridge was delivered to us shortly after. I cleaned it. For days and days, I cleaned it. For being as old as it is, it really is in pretty great condition. And clean as can be! The metal shelves swivel all the way around and there’s tons of doors and drawers, all super clean for being 50+ years old. Adjustable shiny aluminum shelves too. We plugged it in. It worked! It worked! For a whole three blissful weeks during the hottest days of summer, it worked!


Then… one day before our house warming party, it died. It just stopped working. We called a local appliance repair man. He came out promptly. He saw our turquoise beauty. He laughed. He could not fix it. Apparently, the compressor was blown. Do you know how to install compressors? It was the hubby’s dream to take on this project, but it’s languished in our basement ever since.


Can you give it a new home? I always thought it would make a great secondary food storage in a rec room or garage. Not sure how it’s faired since we last used it, but when it did work, it ran fine, the lights inside worked, and the freezer was great too. We did have to take both doors off to get it into our basement, but they just attach via hinges, and some electrical wires had to be cut as well. (You can see the freezer door in the first pic, it’s resting on top of the fridge.)


Comes with egg trays, butter trays, and even the original freezer defroster!


If you’d like to give thisĀ  fridge a new home, all you have to do is come and get it, no charge.


Comment on this post if you are interested. Let me know if you want anymore photos. Provide your email address in the comment box (it’ll be hidden) and I will email you right back!








  1. erin

    oh wow. my fiance and i just bought our first house and its very retro…we have a pink kitchen that soooo needs this. can you message me if you still have it? thanks :)

  2. Sara In AZ

    Just curious, is that poodle hamper for sale??? :) Please e-mail me if you would want to sell it. And the Refrigerator is so beautiful, I wish I was closer I would definitely want it!