My first museum exhibit design!


As previously mentioned here, my fixation with the Natural History Museum has led me on a new career path. Behold! My first exhibit! This exhibit is about the restoration of the Cuyahoga County Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument. Scientists at the museum assisted in the renovation. I borrowed design inspiration from the time period the monument was built (1894) and the rest, well, is history…


Overview of the gallery. The title panel is shown in the foreground.


Details of a wall panel. We printed the panels on Photo Tex, a really cool media that is self-adhesive. Its removable and very forgiving to apply. Printable on both solvent and aqueous printers, it worked wonderfully and everyone was in awe when we applied it!


More wall panels. Highly scientific DIY measurement tool is displayed in the case.



Close up view of a wall panel. Ligatures? In a natural history museum?! Most of the photos have been mounted on rectangular and oval shaped wood. I “framed” them from behind on the Photo Tex with gilded-looking frame clip art courtesy of my dear friend Dover.


Detail of an interactive on the wall. Visitors must identify the correct microscope image of the marble sample from the monument. The round photos flip on a screw to reveal the answer beneath. I know the photos aren’t so great, I will re-shoot with a better camera when I can. But waiting for better pics is no excuse for you to not check it out in person at the museum! There’s much more to the exhibit than what I’ve shared here!


  1. Stephanie Lane

    Whoa. I knew you did design work, but this is way beyond what my pea brain imagined. So extraordinarily mindblowing. It’s cool that I know someone who did this. wow!

  2. Gary Bostwick

    Awesomely awesome. I even see that you integrated QR code into the display — love the irony of history and technology colliding like that. Your type treatments are killer throughout, too. So refreshing to see a museum display where such attention is paid to the type, not just the graphics.

  3. Jody Dana

    Jen, this is beautiful! I’m definitely coming to see it in person. It’s so wonderful to see you designing again.