Modern love found @ Cleveland Museum of Natural History


Last weekend I finally returned to the scene of so many of the school field trips of my youth, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History (CMNH.) And it was just as amazing as I remembered. No wonder that museum has haunted me throughout my artistic career, everywhere you turn there is an element of classic vintage modern design. Here dinosaur bones seem like 50′s boomerang mobiles, a collection of illustrated animals just like those by Charley Harper peek out of every corner, and your path to navigate the collections is lined with beautiful speckled linoleum floors. It’s all there, it’s all mod design, and I was in heaven!

The Diversity of Life

The Diversity of Life

Tucked far back inside the museum, right after the gemstone collections, was this most amazing collage of plant and animal specimens woven in and out of these insane looking undulating brackets that, who knows what the designer was smoking thinking when he or she came up with them. If there’s anyone reading this who knows the story behind this display, I would love to know more about it, and the designer who created it. So inspiring!


I took as many shots of the display as quickly as I could, it was way past naptime afterall. I hope you get a chance to check out the museum if you can, if not for the throwback modern design than for the super fun exhibits we went bananas for, like the animals outside, the planetarium and totally hands-and-ears-on “Wild Music” exhibit.

"S" is for Sea Squirt?

Is it S is for Sea Squirt?

And would somebody please tell me what’s with their restaurant? Best museum food we’ve had yet. I wonder if I can just go there for lunch someday? Nah, I’d never leave!



Larger images available over on my Flickr page.


  1. phoebe marie

    my mum used to work at the museum in the late 70s or early 80s. she did some of the displays. the one thing i really remember is she stuffed the sloth bear… and the last time i was there, he was also still there!

  2. Jen May

    Phoebe, that’s awesome! I will keep an eye out for that sloth. Every time I see him, I’m sure he will make me smile cause I’ll be thinking of you! And not because he’s slow and slothy! :)