I’ve been designing for the web since its infancy. Over the years, I’ve honed my craft to include not just designing purty looking web pages but also writing the code – from basic HTML to HTML5 to CSS to CSS3 to JavaScript to jQuery. And I learned enough PHP to be dangerous in open-source CMS like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. I loved working in Flash and have been exploring the animation possibilities of HTML5 whenever I get a chance. Here is some of my most recent web work. And in case you’re the type that likes to go way, way back, here’s my full portfolio from a few years ago. It’s in Flash.

designroom creative
cmnh collections corner
food for thought
free clinic

Website design for cardstore.com. I created the initial design concept and produced the page layouts for all of the major pages of the site. My portion of the project included conceptual page design, creating Photoshop page layouts, custom illustrations, and a style guide to hand off to the designers on staff at Cardstore.


Website for the B-Stars, a honky tonk band in San Francisco. Still working on the site, I designed the pages and am coding the WordPress site for the boys so they can edit it themselves. Should be up in a few weeks.


Website for designRoom Creative. I developed the creative concept behind the site and designed all of the page layouts. The design was implemented by a WordPress programmer. You can check out my portion of the blog for some inspiring blog posts.


Interactive exhibit for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. This touchscreen exhibit features content from all of the Museum’s collections. The Museum Curators and collections staff are able to update their own portion of the content through a WordPress backend. I created the design of the interactive and programmed it as well.

CMNH Collections Corner

Website for Food for Thought, a local corporate catering company. I created the design of the pages and worked with a WordPress developer who programmed the site.

Food for Thought

Interactive kiosk video for AAMA, a window certification program. The video has an interactive Flash overlay. I art directed the video shoot (which includes pummelling the talent with rain, wind and rubber chickens) and programmed the Flash running on top of the professionally edited video. View it here.


The Lutron lighting website has since been updated but I am still extremely proud of the homepage Flash animation I created for them. The homepage animation demonstrates how lighting controls work in educational environments and how lighting effects everything at every time throughout the day. I’ve archived it here on my site.


I designed and developed the website for the Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland using Joomla. They wanted a site that wasn’t corporate, that felt like their mission – fixing people. This site won a Silver Addy at the Cleveland Addy awards.