Genuine Imitation Salt Water Taffy

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You know, I’m not the type to fall prey to tourist traps. But I must admit, they got me pretty good on this one. I’ll blame it on my out of control sweet tooth. On our vacation in the Outer Banks, everywhere you looked, there was a shop selling salt water taffy. And I knew I had to get me some. So during a late night run to Tommy’s Market in Duck for some adult beverages, I saw a spare box and scooped it up. However, it wasn’t until later when Pat noticed something fishy about my salt water taffy.

The serene images of the Outer Banks on the box which had lulled me into assuming locally produced taffy were a hoax! Nothing more than a cheap postcard booger glued to the box. A bit more investigation of the box revealed some more dirt on my taffy— that it was, in fact, produced in York, PA. Which is not only hundreds of miles away from any sort of salty water, but also actually known as the Factory Tour Capital of the World!




So while you’re on your tour of the many factories in York, Pa, be sure and stop in and visit the fine folks at Warrell Classic, where you’ll not only be able to enjoy samples of their salt water taffy (I recommend the grape) but also pick up a postcard from one of several popular seaside destinations Warrell ships their salt water taffy to, including the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Enjoy!

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