Finished Project! Amy Butler’s Weekender Bag

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Here it is, just in time to hit the beach! My first project with my new old sewing machine, aka “Green Bean.” The Weekender Bag by Amy Butler was a project and a half– lots of heavy fabric, lots of layers of interlining, but I stuck with it, and the results totally show!

A few hints here for anyone brave enough to take on the challenge:

1. When you are basting the Timtex® to your fabric, sew with the Timtex facing up. My feed dogs did not like it, and as a result, sometimes my fabric would bunch up a bit.

2. Also when basting the Timtex: use contrast thread so that when you’re sewing the piping, you can tell the difference between your lines of stitches. Using a contrast thread will help you see where your piping is attached when you’re sewing the panels together along the stitch lines of the piping.

Amy Butler's Weekender Bag

Fabric choices are from Joel Dewberry’s Ginseng Collection in Mulberry– picked them up for a steal at!

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