Dream House Ideas courtesy of ReadyMade

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With all the talk of the Dream House lately, its hard to see anything but the promise of potential everywhere I look. Even the latest issue of ReadyMade had a few ideas that I’m posting here so I keep them in mind.

The first ideas come from a great article about Sarah Kathyrn Smith and her Lustron house in Atlanta. Things I’m noting here: a piece of galvanized metal would make a great cover for that dead space under an island countertop, you know, where little ones like to kick their feet. Second, what a great tip– shag rugs are always so darn expensive. She suggests sewing two small ones (5×7′ would be great) together to make one big rug. Genius!

Photography by Lara Rossignol

Next is from a super sweet article about one family’s lesson about their neighbors. I love this curtain she crafted out of cotton voile and some Wonder Under for a different take on a welcome mat. Something like this would work great in one of those doors with the big side windows. Reminds me of the eternal question when making curtains– sure you put the print facing inside your house so you can enjoy it, but what about that drab curtain liner that faces the street? Yawn!

Photo by Claire Joyce

So there you have it. File this one in the “things-u-gotta-remember” file.

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