Favorite Things

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Today, Nolan said: “Everyday I want noodles and Legos. Cause those are my favorite stuff. And nothing else.” Pretty much sums things up these days.


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Sometimes I’ll cut up an apple for Mr. Lucky’s lunch. I’ll give him half, and take the other half with me to work. I try to eat it about the same time he eats lunch. I know it’s silly but it makes me happy to think we’re sharing the same apple even though we’re miles away. OK I’ll admit it, sometimes it makes me sad. And yeah, all you have to do is splash some apple juice on the apple slices in a bag for a few seconds, drain the juice and then the slices won’t turn brown.

What do birthday boy firefighters need? Cupcakes!

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3 year old firefighter in need of cupcakes for birthday treats. Couldn’t have pulled this off without the ridiculously simple firefighter hat candy molds. The trick to filling the candy molds (as I found out) was making sure all the bubbles get out. That’s right, ALL of them. A toothpick worked really well. It’s been insanely hot here so I stored them in the fridge for a few days. And failed to read the small print on the candy melt bags– they also have flavoring that you can add to the melted candy. In case you’re not in the mood for the slightly chocolate/ basically plastic taste. Cherry woulda killed. And I got one of those mega sprinkle shakers with all the colors in their own little compartments, and it’s now completely out of red, orange and yellow. I guess it’ll be blue and green for Halloween this year!


Firefighter cupcakes


Firefighter marshmellow treats


For his friends at school who couldn’t eat dairy or chocolate. These marshmallows are nothin’ but sugar. Just dipped into more fire scheme sprinkles (the glittery ones this time) and oh no! The marshmallows are on fire!!

A Little About Mr. Lucky, Part 2


Listening to the rainstorm just now, I’m reminded how lucky we were to get some outside time today. I noticed today that he now has a hierarchy of outside toys. First and most important, lawnmower. Next, bike (aka super cute red tricycle) man, he loves bikes. Next some sort of tool borrowed from the garage. Today it was the leafblower. Then he’ll appease my pleas to put down the power tools and takes up the baseball bat and baseball. Well really anything round and hittable will do. Finally he attempts to push the mucky sand around in the crabby sandbox, contents of which didn’t winterize too well. He loves his outside and I thought it was high time I documented it.

An important lesson learned

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At the Children’s Museum today, he learned that the best way to prevent other kids from snagging the driver’s seat from him on the fire engine was to fasten that seat belt tight!

Mr. Lucky at the Children’s Museum

Baking Elmo and Cookie Monster Cupcakes!


Cookie Monster and Elmo Cupcakes

I have to thank my super Google pro husband for being the first to find the Cookie Monster cupcakes, complete with cookie in mouth. Let me join the ranks of all the other thousands of moms out there who have now mastered the art of Sesame Street bakery! These were super fun to make, despite it feeling like well over 110° in our kitchen last night.

The cake is devil’s food, the frosting is a basic buttercream. I went light on the frosting cause these are going to toddlers. And I really found it fun to see what other people had used for monster fur. Jimmies (jimmies!!!) seemed to be the best to represent fur, but man, they are expensive! So I went with some glitter sparkles and I think they add some great texture. I used white candy wafers for the googly eyeballs, topped with chocolate chip for the eyes. Elmo has an orange M&M nose– others before me used gumdrops quite well, but again, going to toddlers so I wanted to keep the decoration small. Cookie Monster is snacking on classic Chips Ahoy, and I used melted chocolate for Elmo’s mouth. But if I had to do it again, I would use an Oreo cookie cut in half for Elmo’s mouth.

These were a great first run leading up to the big cake bake for the party this weekend! Wish me luck, I think I’m gonna need it!

Cookie Monster and Elmo Cupcakes

A Little About Mr. Lucky

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Favorite Toy: Truck (aka “Big Shove”)
Favorite Animal: Bunny
Favorite Food: Spaghetti
Favorite Vegetable: Green Beans
Favorite Fruit: Apples
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Song: Oh Susanna
Favorite TV Shows: Elmo, Spongebob Square Pants

Dislikes: Monsters, Being Inside, Mashed Potatoes, having bubbles on him during baths.

Hobbies: Cleaning, Mowing the Lawn, Playing

Nolan’s Words Update


In no particular order:
1. Hi!
2. Ma ma
3. Da da
4. Door (also “the door”)
5. Car
6. More (together with tapping fingers together)
7. Bubu (“bubbles”)
8. Good
9. Bye bye
10. Cat
11. Cup
12. Baba (bottle)
13. Awesome!!!!

Happy Birthday!

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Well, we finally did it. We made it one whole year! And what a day to celebrate! The morning started off horribly stormy and the air was so thick… I tried to make a cake. Once. Twice. Failed. Too much heat. And Nolan was in the worst mood ever. And then a funny thing happened. It stopped raining. And the sun came out. And it turned into one of those perfect summer days on the lake. We invited everyone to the beach club at the end of our street. Pat made burgers and dogs for everyone, the families showed up, Nolan wore a sailor hat… the day could not be beat.

Nolan Lucky turns one

Dinnertime Distraction

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Clearly, the best dinnertime distraction hands down is the fresh food feeder. Stuffed a slice of clementine in there, Nolan thought it was pure gold! He got all hopped up on orangey sweet goodness and was a wild man in the bath, but who cares? First time in a while we didn’t have to interrupt eating by picking up toys he flings on the floor.

Mom’s Day Home

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Working from home today with the lil guy, daycare closed today for an in-service day. Nolan still a little sick, so a little hard to manage. Put him in the “play” part of the pack n’ play for the first time, he liked that pretty well. He thought I looked pretty funny on the other side of the screen. The highlight of the day however, was the pear. Nolan had his first slice of real pear today! I put some in one of those fresh food feeder things, and he just went to town!

Exhausted by 5pm, by the time Pat came home, and still had hours of work to do. The usual work-at-home tradeoff. Still, it was a perfect sunny day and I had my boy all to myself!