Things we found in the backyard

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All of these items were found on a Saturday.

Crazy mushroom in the backyard.
Awesome mushroom under a tree.

Giant hawk feather
Giant hawk feather.

Wooly Bear!

Vintage turquoise fridge needs home!


Years and years ago, we picked up this turquoise and pink beauty from a local vintage shop. It had been running like a top for weeks. We bought it, didn’t pay very much, and moved into our new house. The fridge was delivered to us shortly after. I cleaned it. For days and days, I cleaned it. For being as old as it is, it really is in pretty great condition. And clean as can be! The metal shelves swivel all the way around and there’s tons of doors and drawers, all super clean for being 50+ years old. Adjustable shiny aluminum shelves too. We plugged it in. It worked! It worked! For a whole three blissful weeks during the hottest days of summer, it worked!


Then… one day before our house warming party, it died. It just stopped working. We called a local appliance repair man. He came out promptly. He saw our turquoise beauty. He laughed. He could not fix it. Apparently, the compressor was blown. Do you know how to install compressors? It was the hubby’s dream to take on this project, but it’s languished in our basement ever since.


Can you give it a new home? I always thought it would make a great secondary food storage in a rec room or garage. Not sure how it’s faired since we last used it, but when it did work, it ran fine, the lights inside worked, and the freezer was great too. We did have to take both doors off to get it into our basement, but they just attach via hinges, and some electrical wires had to be cut as well. (You can see the freezer door in the first pic, it’s resting on top of the fridge.)


Comes with egg trays, butter trays, and even the original freezer defroster!


If you’d like to give this  fridge a new home, all you have to do is come and get it, no charge.


Comment on this post if you are interested. Let me know if you want anymore photos. Provide your email address in the comment box (it’ll be hidden) and I will email you right back!







Dream House Ideas courtesy of ReadyMade

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With all the talk of the Dream House lately, its hard to see anything but the promise of potential everywhere I look. Even the latest issue of ReadyMade had a few ideas that I’m posting here so I keep them in mind.

The first ideas come from a great article about Sarah Kathyrn Smith and her Lustron house in Atlanta. Things I’m noting here: a piece of galvanized metal would make a great cover for that dead space under an island countertop, you know, where little ones like to kick their feet. Second, what a great tip– shag rugs are always so darn expensive. She suggests sewing two small ones (5×7′ would be great) together to make one big rug. Genius!

Photography by Lara Rossignol

Next is from a super sweet article about one family’s lesson about their neighbors. I love this curtain she crafted out of cotton voile and some Wonder Under for a different take on a welcome mat. Something like this would work great in one of those doors with the big side windows. Reminds me of the eternal question when making curtains– sure you put the print facing inside your house so you can enjoy it, but what about that drab curtain liner that faces the street? Yawn!

Photo by Claire Joyce

So there you have it. File this one in the “things-u-gotta-remember” file.

Love the Light

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Found on, from the NYC apartment of photographer Roland Bello. I’m not sure if that overhead light just looks like a bunch of vintage industrial swing arm lamps, or if it actually is a bunch of vintage industrial swing arm lamps, but, either way, I’m filing this under a DIY project must-do for me. There are too many awesome swing arm lamps out there in need of a good home and they can’t all fit on my desk.

Roland Bello photographer lighting

Modern love found @ Cleveland Museum of Natural History


Last weekend I finally returned to the scene of so many of the school field trips of my youth, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History (CMNH.) And it was just as amazing as I remembered. No wonder that museum has haunted me throughout my artistic career, everywhere you turn there is an element of classic vintage modern design. Here dinosaur bones seem like 50′s boomerang mobiles, a collection of illustrated animals just like those by Charley Harper peek out of every corner, and your path to navigate the collections is lined with beautiful speckled linoleum floors. It’s all there, it’s all mod design, and I was in heaven!

The Diversity of Life

The Diversity of Life

Tucked far back inside the museum, right after the gemstone collections, was this most amazing collage of plant and animal specimens woven in and out of these insane looking undulating brackets that, who knows what the designer was smoking thinking when he or she came up with them. If there’s anyone reading this who knows the story behind this display, I would love to know more about it, and the designer who created it. So inspiring!


I took as many shots of the display as quickly as I could, it was way past naptime afterall. I hope you get a chance to check out the museum if you can, if not for the throwback modern design than for the super fun exhibits we went bananas for, like the animals outside, the planetarium and totally hands-and-ears-on “Wild Music” exhibit.

"S" is for Sea Squirt?

Is it S is for Sea Squirt?

And would somebody please tell me what’s with their restaurant? Best museum food we’ve had yet. I wonder if I can just go there for lunch someday? Nah, I’d never leave!



Larger images available over on my Flickr page.

Genuine Imitation Salt Water Taffy

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You know, I’m not the type to fall prey to tourist traps. But I must admit, they got me pretty good on this one. I’ll blame it on my out of control sweet tooth. On our vacation in the Outer Banks, everywhere you looked, there was a shop selling salt water taffy. And I knew I had to get me some. So during a late night run to Tommy’s Market in Duck for some adult beverages, I saw a spare box and scooped it up. However, it wasn’t until later when Pat noticed something fishy about my salt water taffy.

The serene images of the Outer Banks on the box which had lulled me into assuming locally produced taffy were a hoax! Nothing more than a cheap postcard booger glued to the box. A bit more investigation of the box revealed some more dirt on my taffy— that it was, in fact, produced in York, PA. Which is not only hundreds of miles away from any sort of salty water, but also actually known as the Factory Tour Capital of the World!




So while you’re on your tour of the many factories in York, Pa, be sure and stop in and visit the fine folks at Warrell Classic, where you’ll not only be able to enjoy samples of their salt water taffy (I recommend the grape) but also pick up a postcard from one of several popular seaside destinations Warrell ships their salt water taffy to, including the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Enjoy!

Finished Project! Amy Butler’s Weekender Bag

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Here it is, just in time to hit the beach! My first project with my new old sewing machine, aka “Green Bean.” The Weekender Bag by Amy Butler was a project and a half– lots of heavy fabric, lots of layers of interlining, but I stuck with it, and the results totally show!

A few hints here for anyone brave enough to take on the challenge:

1. When you are basting the Timtex® to your fabric, sew with the Timtex facing up. My feed dogs did not like it, and as a result, sometimes my fabric would bunch up a bit.

2. Also when basting the Timtex: use contrast thread so that when you’re sewing the piping, you can tell the difference between your lines of stitches. Using a contrast thread will help you see where your piping is attached when you’re sewing the panels together along the stitch lines of the piping.

Amy Butler's Weekender Bag

Fabric choices are from Joel Dewberry’s Ginseng Collection in Mulberry– picked them up for a steal at!

St. Pat’s Day Tee

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It wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day without a St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt. Custom iron-on transfer for Mr. Lucky designed by mom.


Happy Birthday (the goods)

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A collection of the goodies I created for Mr. Lucky’s first birthday celebration.

Nolan Lucky turns one