Baking Elmo and Cookie Monster Cupcakes!


Cookie Monster and Elmo Cupcakes

I have to thank my super Google pro husband for being the first to find the Cookie Monster cupcakes, complete with cookie in mouth. Let me join the ranks of all the other thousands of moms out there who have now mastered the art of Sesame Street bakery! These were super fun to make, despite it feeling like well over 110° in our kitchen last night.

The cake is devil’s food, the frosting is a basic buttercream. I went light on the frosting cause these are going to toddlers. And I really found it fun to see what other people had used for monster fur. Jimmies (jimmies!!!) seemed to be the best to represent fur, but man, they are expensive! So I went with some glitter sparkles and I think they add some great texture. I used white candy wafers for the googly eyeballs, topped with chocolate chip for the eyes. Elmo has an orange M&M nose– others before me used gumdrops quite well, but again, going to toddlers so I wanted to keep the decoration small. Cookie Monster is snacking on classic Chips Ahoy, and I used melted chocolate for Elmo’s mouth. But if I had to do it again, I would use an Oreo cookie cut in half for Elmo’s mouth.

These were a great first run leading up to the big cake bake for the party this weekend! Wish me luck, I think I’m gonna need it!

Cookie Monster and Elmo Cupcakes


  1. summer

    these are the best parent cupcakes ever brought in, hands down! We talked about them for days afterward. I hope you got the fb photos–it was super cute! if a little disturbing as the facial features got mangled and eaten. anyway, we felt very loved and appreciated!

  2. Paul

    These are awesome! Plus the whole snack with within a snack with the Cookie Monster cupcake scores you bonus points.

  3. Trudy

    As I live and breathe! I can not believe you made those wonderful cupcakes! Nolan is lucky to have a mom like you!