A plantable piece


So excited about my new job at designRoom Creative. This is the first project I worked on, our holiday card. I coordinated with the great folks at Porridge Paper to produce a letterpress card done on a plantable seeded paper. You can just stick this baby in some dirt, add water and watch the flowers grow! I’m also so proud to say this little guy snagged a silver Addy award at the Cleveland Addys last night. I haven’t been to an Addy event in a few years, my career was on hiatus for a while there, it was great to attend the show and see all the amazing work Cleveland creatives have been producing.


Photos from designRoom Creative.

Letterpress Plantable Card

Letterpress Plantable Card

“This card is made from hand-made paper embedded with wildflower seeds. A garden in your hand. Moisten it, plant it in a sunny spot and give it regular water. Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow.”

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  1. Kelly Farrell

    Love this post. So happy you won an award, congrats! Thank you for being so passionate about design and communication.